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This year's Home Run Derby fundraiser held on May 5, 2024 was an enormous success, raising over $30,000 for the Miracle League of San Diego. We were fortunate to have six great celebrities participate who each batted on behalf of MLSD - Cory Luebke, Melissa McElvain, Xavier Nady, Charlie Nagy, Carlos Quentin and Tim Stauffer.

Two Miracle Leaguers, Bradley Brinkkord and Ashley Clark, led the fundraising charge, bringing in over $4,000 each and collectively representing one third of the total amount raised on the day. MLSD congratulates them and thanks them for their great effort and success.

2024 Division Winners

MLSD Competitive:  Isaac Paul, 37 home runs

MLSD Unassisted:  Nicholas Andrews and Sasha Torres, 30 home runs

MLSD Competitive:  Kevin Bath, 37 home runs

Juniors 13 & under:  Parker de la Torre, 34 home runs

Juniors 14 - 18:  Gage Eastlack, 8 home runs

Adult Male:  Brett Wheeless, 19 home runs

Senior Male:  Dan Engel, 28 home runs

Celebrity:  Xavier Nady, 45 home runs

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